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Helping You Transform Your Business For the New Digital World

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Advanced Technology

We Do Digital Technology and Marketing:

Websites: Dynamic, Optimized, Fast, Good-Looking!
Advanced Managed Hosting: Built for Performance
Digital Marketing
Digital Content Creation
Cloud Consultants

Website Development: Fast, Dynamic, Optimized

We build performance-based optimized websites using the latest and greatest to deliver for world-class experiences.
Industry Knowledge
Blogs, Financial Services, Small Business, Shopify, Portfolios, Marketing, Affiliates, Podcasters, we server different industries.
Mobile-friendly, Always!
Close to 60% of all google searches occur on a mobile device. And yet, many companies still don't have mobile-friendly sites, or they perform poorly. That's throwing away business! We build mobile-friendly into everything we do!
Our Sites Are Fast, Accessible, Secure & SEO-Optimized
Content is the name of the game. So the performance of how that content is served is vital. We integrate content from many different sources and serve it up fast!
We Use The Best Tech
Our work is designed & developed using the best proven technology to put our clients ahead of the competition. We can integrate content from so many different source. We use tools such as React, Gatsby, Next, Netlify, Stampi, etc. And we DON'T do Wordpress.
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Advanced Managed Hosting

Dynamic websites need a State-of-the-Art place to work! That's why we built our own. We provide blazing fast hosting on our cloud servers that run our advanced web tech. All parts working in tandem to give you the performance your site needs to COMPETE. And it's a heck of a lot more cost effective then what those others charge.

User Experience

Digital Marketing

A great performing website is only the first step. You need a strategic plan of action to increase traffic, drive interest, elevate your brand and enhance user experiences! Then...close the deal. We have expertise in many tools, techniques, and services to generate the exposure your endeavor needs to expand into the new digital world.
Our services include:
SEO - Personalized
Our game plan includes demystified SEO tactics like daily competitive keyword analysis, fast sites and servers, keyword centered (RELEVANT) content, personalized for you.
We love data. Analytics is one of the important pieces of any digital marketing effort. Google Analytics 4 and CloudFlare Analytics is integrated into everything we do.
We integrate CloudFlare's Content Delivery Network into all our clients' sites & apps. Our CloudFlare strategy provides blazingly fast performance, anaytics and top-noth security.
Email Marketing
MailChimp, GetResponses, Kartra. We have expertise with a multitude of digital tools to help you connect to your customers and prospects, and stay connected.
Google My Business, Ads, AdWords
We are masters of the Google tools. Google AdWords can be complicated and difficult to manage effectively, especially on a daily basis. Let our experience be your guide.
Content Marketing: Video, Blogs, Articles, Podcasts
Today, content marketing is what it's all about. You earn the attention of others by creating & sharing valueable content ( videos, articles, etc). It takes time to do that. So let us help you.
E-Commerce with Custom Shopify Sites
Interested in starting a new shopify site or want to make it oh so much better. Yeah, we do that to. We use the same tech & servers for Shopify.
Let's Talk & See What's Possible!
When Mediocre Isn't Good Enough

Creative Digital Content Production

We help businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs elevate their digital presence By crafting captivating videos and radiant images. Our mission is to produce creative videos and images that helps you achieve your desired marketing and promotion results.
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Video & Images

Headshots, Lifestyle, Commercial, Products, Explainer, Interviews and more..

We create YOUR story through professionally crafted, vivid images and creative videos . We want YOU and your endeavors to stand out in a crowded, highly competitive digital world.
Let us help you promote the story you want to tell and attract new opportunities.
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Business, Branding & Lifestyle

Marketing your brand, your business or yourself, in today’s digital world necessitates a visual experience that expresses a powerful story... YOURS! If your images fail to powerfully tell that story, you’re missing out on opportunities.

Why Choose Us?

Because When You Succeed, We Succeed!
Our Why
We love helping businesses transform. By helping you win, we win. We relish the process of helping you create and tell your story and work your digital world until it shines.
25+ Years of Technology Know-How
From a powerful computer in your pocket, to your digital assets being synced somewhere out there, Digital Technology has come a long way. We focus on the core technologies and tools that will help grow your business online.
We Are Different
We bring dynamic leadership and communication skills to our work and interactions, thanks to being trained by one of the world's top professional development organizations.
Keep it Simple Stupid
Most techies want to show you how smart they are. We just want you to succeed online by using the best avaialble tools, technologies and techniques.

Recent Projects

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Saying The Right Thing - The Online Course
Let's Talk & See What's Possible!


Kelly Kline Image
Kelly Kline
Regional VP / Mortgage Banker, OneTrust Home Loans
I've recently hired Mitch to build my Business Networking Groups Website and he knocked it out of the park! If you are looking to build your brand and need website enhancement, look no further than Mitch!
Image of Patty Jones
Patty Jones
Owner of IEEDesing, Inc. Landscape Designer & Contractor
Mitch has helped my with my website, SEO. project images, cloud consulting and social media. He is great and have great ideas to enhanced your website. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and clients.
Image of Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen
Owner, PCH Dry Carpet Cleaning
Mitch is great! I love the result. For me simple and straight forward was what I needed. His dedication to detail is great. I highly recommend Mitch to develop your site and SEO. He also did our videos and photos.